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The Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous, First/Second Edition) in audio format

On this page, you can download most of the basic text of the First/Second Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Dr. Bob's story ("Dr. Bob's Nightmare"), in audio format.

This is a recording of the Big Book by Bob K. of Houston. Bob worked as voice talent for many years, and produced this recording at his own expense in a professional studio. Coincidentally, Bob led the very first meeting of the After Nine Groups in early September of 2005. He died in 2009: he had been sober for over twenty-seven years.

Copyright issues

In the USA, the First and Second Editions of the Big Book are no longer in copyright, as AA omitted to renew the copyrights. The Third Edition is still in copyright, so you will find that sections of the Big Book unique to the Third Edition cannot be downloaded from here, though they are listed for your convenience.

All editions of the Big Book enjoy copyright protection outside the USA. IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE USA, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY OF THESE FILES.

Playing and downloading the files

To play a file, simply click on it. It will stream to your computer.

To download and save a file, RIGHT-click on the link and then select "Save Target As ..." or "Save Link As ..." to save the file to your computer.

The files are in MP3 format (56Kb, stereo).

The Big Book

  • Preface to Third Edition (in copyright, not available)
  • Foreword to First Edition (0.8 MB): Play | Download (right-click)
  • Foreword to Second Edition (4.5 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Foreword to Third Edition (in copyright, not available)
  • The Doctor's Opinion (5.3 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 1: Bill's Story (11 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 2: There Is A Solution (9 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 3: More About Alcoholism (9.6 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 4: We Agnostics (9.6 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 5: How It Works (9.5 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 6: Into Action (12 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 7: Working With Others (10 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 8: To Wives (12 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 9: The Family Afterward (10 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 10: To Employees (9.5 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Chapter 11: A Vision For You (9.6 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Spiritual Experience (1.1 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • The Medical View on AA (1.4 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • The Religious View on AA (0.7 MB) : Play | Download (right-click)
  • Dr. Bob's Nightmare (7.2.MB) : Play | Download (right-click)