Starting an After Nine Meeting

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Starting an After Nine Meeting
Starting an After Nine meeting is really no different from starting any other 12-Step meeting. You may find these additional suggestions useful:

  • After Nine meetings are by definition open to any member of any 12-Step fellowship which also uses the Twelve Traditions. However, most A9 meetings are open, so anyone can attend.
  • Most A9 members have worked the first nine Steps, and indeed many have double-digit recovery. However, meetings are open to anyone regardless of length of recovery or even whether they have worked the first nine Steps. Some well-respected members of A9 came to the Fellowship at the beginning of their recovery.
  • There are no officially sanctioned A9 publications, but this link offers plenty of unofficial A9-related materials for use in meetings.
  • This is a link to a generic version of the meeting format.
We wish you every success in your A9 meeting!